Jun 29, 2009

A Little Announcement

Hello again. Today, I would like to make a little announcement. Some of you may know that I have already moved this art blog to this address recently. And I am moving it again to my web server blog before even starting to promote this blog :(
My new art blog addess is : http://blog.euphorianchic.com/.
Sorry for being hectic :D But this is one of my solutions to make my life less hectic and more organized....I hope...... I still keep this google account to say hello from time to time!

By the way, I have been doing some inner works recently, I am feeling pretty good. So, let me share the video that really suits my mood right now:-)

Singing In The Rain
Love, Yoshika

Free Giveaway at SandierPastures.com

Hello. My wall art and flower Room Illustration Prints are available at the lovely Dubai blog sandierpastures.com. In order to make it available internationally with free shipping, I had to keep the size small. But, the wall art would make a nice accent on a small wall space such as kitchen or bathroom. (It is varnished for durability.)
The blog owner Grace seems to have spent a great deal of time and created such a great giveaway entry for me. I really appreciate it! She is someone who went to an university in Japan and married Japanese man. She writes about her Dubai life there. If you are like me who has never been to Dubai, you would really enjoy her charming Dubai city tours with lots of photos and video:-)
The contest ends July 3rd. If you'd like to enter it, please visit SandierPastures.com and leave comments!

Golden Meadow 6"x6"

Set of 6 Flower Room Illustration Prints
Love, Yoshika

Jun 15, 2009

Introducing Queen Anne and Queen Anne Illustration Series vol.11

"Queen Anne's Birthday"

Covert: Narration is written in both Japanese and English (though they are slightly different and excuse me if there are English mistakes.) If you would like this entry to make more sense, please read earlier entries of "About Queen Anne Illustration Series". This series is work in progress. So, you might see some changes or additions as the story goes.



クイーンアンの子供達、アルキオネ、リゲル、セダール、マイアは クイーンアンの誕生日の朝、バースデイ祭りに行く前にこっそりクイーンアンを呼び出しました。



At this time of the year in the birdy kingdom, there are many birds who have their birthdays. For it is very difficult for them to celebrate their birthdays one by one, there is a Birthday Festival held for 2 weeks at Le pré d'Anges.

Every year, Queen Anne also celebrates her birthday at the Birthday Festival like everybody. She actually likes that way. However, for families of Queen Anne, it just doesn't seem enough for her, although everyone knew King James always prepares a special present for Queen Anne. So this year, Queen Anne's Children, Alcyone, Regel, Sedar, and Maia had a special plan.

It's finally the birthday of Queen Anne. In the morning before Queen Anne goes to the festival, Alcyone, Regel, Sedar and Maia all gathered under the Queen Anne's Castle tree, secretly brought their special present.

"1....2....3! Open your eyes!!"
Queen Anne who was lead to outside with her eyes closed slowly opened her eyes.
"Surprrrrise!! Happy Birthday! Mother!"
Said everyone all together. At the same time, Maia flew into the sky showing her handmade birthday flags to her.
"Oh...my my my....."
Queen Anne was indeed very surprised. There it was, a life-size Statue of Liberty Queen Anne version standing in front of her.
It was specially-made by Regel's talented sculptor friend, Woodpecker, Woody. The Queen Anne Statue is holding the flower of Queen Anne's Lace, and her favorite literature book.

"What a beautiful statue.... I have never seen anything like this...."
Queen Anne was so moved by kindness of her children and the beauty of the statue.
Looking at Queen Anne's happy face, all children are also very happy.

She of course meant every words she said about this great statue. However, it indeed feels a little funny looking at the life-size statue of herself. So, as if she was talking to the statue, or herself, she was also thinking...
"What am I going to do with you....."
But, of course she kept that to herself, and kept looking at the statue of her with amazement.

This illustration is available upon request:-)
Love, Yoshika

Jun 8, 2009

Sending You Happy Thoughts...

Today, I just want to share a little something that made my day a little more special.

There are actually many clovers growing on the sidewalks around this area. And this morning I went for my usual jogging (1/3 walking to be exact), I somehow felt like looking for 4 leaf clovers. And guess what....I found 2 of them. What I did was, whenever I felt like, I stopped, looked down for like 10 seconds or so...then, found nothing, and jogged again....And, after stopping like 3 times, I felt like changing the jogging route a little bit, and then again, stopped, looked down, looked around like 10 seconds or so.... then, there it was..... the lucky 4 leaf clover:-) And, about 1 foot away from there, there it was again, a little prettier 4 leaf clover! They were not even from the same root.
This is actually my third time 4th time picking lucky clovers. Last time was at least 3 years ago..... Anyway, since 4 leaf lucky clover is a part of Euphorian Chic's concept, I thought I would share it on my art blog:-) Hope you all have a Happy-go-lucky day!


And, today, Etsy picked my new flower room decor prints for FP!
Thank you so much!

Love, Yoshika

Jun 5, 2009

Japan Day 2009

Actually I started to write this entry on May 31st which was Japan Day 2009. The huge Japanese event which includes, mini marathon, Japanese food samplings, music concert, Bonodori (Japanese traditional dance)...and more were held at Central Park.
Despite the decreased numbers of Japanese businessmen in New York, the event itself seems to be getting bigger and bigger. According to their website, the purpose of this event is to promote deeper understanding of Japanese culture and, to say "Thank you, New York!" It seems many American people visited this event last year as well. Which I think is very nice:-)))
This event was the third time this year. Last year, I was kind of busy preparing to go back to my country... So, I didn't know. The first year, I didn't know it at all. I think it used to be like a much smaller scaled street festival.... I have been to those a couple of times before. Since I haven't been to many Japanese events in New York, I thought I was going to go to this "Japan Day" this year...well, in my case, mostly for the purpose of Japanese food samplings, though....(It was free!) But there was a change of plan at the last minutes and I couldn't go. On the news that I saw on the next day, the event itself seemed a huge success and I was actually surprised with its scale. It's really a shame that I missed it.
So, instead of my photos or videos that I thought I was going to share on this blog, I was waiting to see someone else's nice YouTube videos to come out....
Well, unfortunately, I haven't found the one that really shows the whole thing of the event yet. But, I have managed to find a couple of good ones. What was funny to me the most was that there were many cosplayers (American people!) who wear costumes of some animation characters :-D As someone who grew up watching those Japanese animations, I really appreciate it!!

If you are interested in the event, you can visit the website http://japandaynyc.org/main/
There are some videos, including "how to do BonOdori" which is quite funny, actually.

Love, Yoshika

Jun 1, 2009

Behind The Scene Stories: Queen Anne's Children Part 2

As I said on the last behind the scene entry, today, I will briefly introduce Queen Anne's Children, Regel, Alcyone, Shedar, and Maia one by one.

Covert: If you would like this entry to make more sense, please read earlier entries of "About Queen Anne Illustration Series". This series is work in progress. So, you might see some changes or additions as the story goes.

1. Alcyone -- Great Knight (still single)
Alcyone is the one who supposed to succeed father King James's throne. Although he was a sensitive, quite one in 3 brothers when he was a baby, the death of Atlas affected him greatly, and decided to become a strong knight. He has overcome his shyness, weakness by disciplines both physically and mentally. However, when he also realized his limit of physical strength as a bird knight, he saw the need of different approach for security, and decides to learn eastern spirituality from a mysterious traveler from East. As the result, he has mastered how to calm his mind even in a chaos, hones the sense of hearing in order to sense the existence of other animals within certain distance. This ability greatly decreased the death rate of new born babies from predators. King James is very impressed with the result, and now both Queen Anne and King James are learning Yoga and meditation.

2. Regel -- Great Artist/Entertainer (still single)
When King James found out that Shedar didn't seem to be a right candidate for the king, Regel was initially his first choice. However, Regel started to grow his passion for art and eventually decides to leave the castle for several years. It becomes great sadness and disappointment for King James and Queen Anne.
Regel returns to the castle as a grown up, skilled artist as well as entertainer. And he starts to contribute castle's social events, and also starts to help Queen Anne's summer school by teaching arts to children.

3. Shedar -- Great cook/Care Giver (in a relationship, Gay)
Since Shedar was the most active and fearless baby in 3 brothers, everyone was initially thinking he would be the perfect king after King James. However, from early days, he started to show interest in all house works that Queen Anne does, and especially enjoyed cooking with Queen Anne. And then eventually he started to prefer dressing like a girl and admits that he likes boys. It becomes shocking to both Queen Anne and King James. Queen Anne again almost blames herself for giving him a little bit girly name. However, through Shedar, they learns that there are many other gay birds like him in the kingdom, and decides to accept gay marriage openly. The new rule of gay birds participation at Queen Anne's Masquerade was actually set from Shedar's request of wanting to wear Queen Anne's Lace on himself as well. As a result, he met a perfect partner, costume designer, at the Masquerade, now happily in a relationship with him.

4. Maia -- Herbalist,/Nature Lover, healer (Engaged)
Since the day Maia was adopted to a family of Queen Anne and King James, she has been like the small sun of the family. Her smile put everybody at ease, everyone wanted to be around her. She was especially fond of being around a garden from early days. And after learning what happened to her real family, she starts to grow herbs and becomes a herbalist. She makes herbal teas, healing remedies and ointment for someone who is sick or got injuries.
As Maia grew up as a beautiful young lady, Queen Anne and King James were planning to introduce her a great young prince of the far forest. But instead, Maia falls in love with a gardener who is from a poor family, but makes the most beautiful gardens. Queen Anne and King James were both shocked. And specially King James didn't want to approve him. However, after Maia's first-and-ever-massive resistance, their marriage was finally approved. And now they are happily engaged. On the other hand, King James is practicing meditation to calm his nerves more than ever.

There are still a lot of dramas in the family of Queen Anne. But they are learning and growing together as a family and are all happy birds now.

To be continued....
That's all for behind the scene stories: Queen Anne's Children.
Next time, I will get back to the illustrations.

Love, Yoshika

May 31, 2009

New! Flower Room Illustration Prints

These are some of my flower line drawings digitally mixed with victorian pattern background with linen texture. It is simple, but looks great when it is matted and framed. It would be great chic accent for your contemporary room!

Available as set of 6, set of 3, or individually at my Etsy shop http://www.euphorianchic.etsy.com/ .

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Love, Yoshika

May 29, 2009

Behind The Scene Stories: Queen Anne's Children Part 1

"Queen Anne's Children"

I mentioned one of Queen Anne's sons, Alcyone on my last volume of "Introducing Queen Anne and Queen Anne Illustration Series". So, apart from illustrations, today I will share a little stories behind the scene and'll talk about Queen Anne's Children.

Covert: If you would like this entry to make more sense, please read earlier entries of "About Queen Anne Illustration Series". This series is work in progress. So, you might see some changes or additions as the story goes.

There are 3 beautiful sons, and one adapted daughter between Queen Anne and King James.
They are all living happily now. But, of course there were some difficult lessons in their life too. But, both Queen Anne and James know that even some misfortunes that they encountered were for them to be where they are right now. Here goes their stories...

A year after Queen Anne and King James got married, they got 4 children. Both Queen Anne and King James were so happy, and Queen Anne named them Regel, Alcyone, Shedar, and Atlas after the stars of her favorite constellations, Pleiades, Orion, and Cassiopeia. It was Queen Anne's prayer for each one of her children to shine like a star in their own light.
However, just like many other bird parents, they also encountered misfortune of losing one of their children, Atlas. It happened when they were about to start flying lessons. On the day of their first flying lessons, King James was suddenly called to visit the far forest due to some security issues. Although Queen Anne was little hesitant to do the lesson on her own, since some of the little ones were already trying to fly on their own, and it is indeed mom's job, they both agreed to do the lesson as it was initially planned.

As the lesson started, things were actually going smoothly in the begining. Queen Anne first flew down to the ground fluttering her wings to show the little ones an example, then waited for them to do the same under the tree. The first one who jumped was Shedar, the most active one, safely got to the ground. It was pretty good. And then, Regel followed. He was little bit short jumper, but, succeeded too. Alcyone and Atlas were hesitating for a while talking with each other which one go first. But, finally, Atlas pushed Alcyone's back, and Alcyone closed his eyes and jumped from the nest. Though he hit his face on the ground, he also passed the first lesson.
And right about time Atlas was trying to jump from the edge of the nest, it happened.
The large snake who was secretly hiding in the bush of the tree suddenly appeared from above. And using his long body, he soundlessly approached Atlas, and swallowed him in a matter of a second.
Queen Anne's felt her heart got just frozen. She immediately darted up to the snake and attacked his head pecking real hard with her bill. But it was too late. The snake quickly turned away, coiling around his long body on high branches one by one, disappeared into the bushes.

This tragedy devastated both Queen Anne and King James. Queen Anne cried and cried day after day, blaming herself for her carelessness, and for not being able to save Atlas. King James also blamed himself for not being able to be there for his own children while he was taking care of the Kingdom first.
It was very hard time for both Queen Anne and King James. While going through grieving, they also had to face their own inadequecy and responsibility as leaders.
A year later, right about time things were finally getting back to normal between them, another great tradedy hit the neighbor couple who just got married and were trying to have children.
This time, the preditor was a hungry hawk. He attacked the nest right after the babies were hatched from eggs. Both parents fought to death to protect their babies, but in the end, the hawk was just too strong. Despite their brave fight, not only they both died from their injuries, but most of babies were also gone....there was only one survivor left on the broken nest. That was Maia.
Needless to say, this incident brought great sorrow to both Queen Anne and King James. At the same time, they felt great symathy as well as affection for this baby girl, and they decided to take her under their wings and adapted her as their dauther.

They bot felt it was meant. Not only the adoption brought healing to their past wound, cheerful Maia has truly become a joy of their life.

Fortunately, no major misfortune hit the family afterward, and children are all grown up now.

Next time, I will introduce little more about each one of Queen Anne's Children.

Love, Yoshika

May 26, 2009

Many Thank You-s For Recent Etsy Treasuries!!

Since I opened my etsy shop last year, making treasuries has been fun, even though I often don't fine time to keep up with all the treasury opportunities, and often miss the 333 or 222 timing....
And I no longer save all of the treasury picks or my own treasuries....But here is my little thank you for those who recently handpicked my works for their treasuries:-)There were many beautiful treasuries, but, this time, let me just share a couple that I really appreciated their themes. Please click the image to see the full size, so that you can see the seller's names too.

Orient Spring by Zygopsyche

"Let's Be Green" by BirdHaven

And here is the list of those who kindly handpicked my works for their treasuries.
Some of them did multiple times already, I really appreciate it! Many of them are like treasury experts. Their treasuries are absolutely beautiful and often make it to FP of Etsy:-)))) I am so flattered to be included there.

**Zygopsyche-- Animal faux fur plushie!! Very very cute!
**Birdhaven -- nature inspired cards & gifts plus lovely bakers twine. Adorable!!
**birribe -- Lovely one of a kind knitted accessories!!
**Sigmosaics -- Beautiful mosaic goods!! Great for home decor!!
**twolefthands -- lovely lovely handmade dolls!!!
**artdefleur -- Beautiful glass jewelries and cuff links!!
**primsbyandrea -- Very lovely mixed media artworks!!
**Intres -- Super cute felt houses and trees. Great for children's room!! Her items are currently on Etsy Gift guides as well. Please check them out!

Thank you all very very much!
And today I would like to introduce some of the works from the sellers too.
I have mentioned their shops before on this blog. They both create lovely lovely treasuries, and they have brought me lots of visitors to my shop!

Munieca -- Lovely illustrations & paper craft jewelry!

As I said before on this blog, I love Andrea's works that are full of innocence. I especially love this lady butterfly series illustration:-)

Chicalessia -- beautiful handmade jewelry & unique velvet beads!

Among many beautiful handmade jewelries on Etsy, I think her jewelry is very elegant and sophisticated. This pink one is my favorite. She also sells very cute & unique bead supplies such as velvet beads, etc.

They are both members of Etsy in Spanish. So, Muchas Gracias, Andrea & Ana! :-)))

I guess that's all for today....

Love, Yoshika

May 24, 2009

Introducing Queen Anne and Queen Anne's Lace Illustration Series vol.10

"Queen Anne's Messenger"

Covert: Narration is written in both Japanese and English (though they are slightly different and excuse me if there are English mistakes.) If you would like this entry to make more sense, please read earlier entries of "About Queen Anne Illustration Series". This series is work in progress. So, you might see some changes or additions as the story goes.





みんなにLe pré d'Angesに集まってもらいたい時は、メッセンジャーは3本のクイーンアンのレースの花を口に挟んで空で見事なスピンをみんなにメッセージが届くまで繰りかえすのです。





"The usual, please."
The Queen Anne's messenger picked up a Queen Anne's Lace flower, bowed deeply in front of Queen Anne. And then quietly but quickly, he flew out to the orange sky, first showing off one of his great flying spins, and disappeared into the beautiful sunset.
As usual, Queen Anne also looked up to the sky following her messenger's great spin with her eyes, and sent him off until he becomes a small orange dot.

This is her usual way to send special message to special someones. Sometimes, she adds a short message with Queen Anne's Lace flower, sometimes she sends it without, or sends a dry flower of Queen Anne's Lace instead of a fresh one...

When she wants everyone to gather at Le pré d'Anges, the messenger usually carries 3 Queen Anne's Lace flowers, and shows off his great flying spins in the sky for a while until everyone gets the message.

That's why her messenger is so special. Every year, the messenger is chosen from the 5 best birds in the kingdom who fly fastest and have the special skills of great flying spins.

The messenger was flying fast in the orange sky, carrying one large flower of Queen Anne's lace from Queen Anne. Today, Queen Anne sent a special message to King James who is working at a far forest for training the young night birds. One of their sons Alcyone is there too. Although she was also busy taking care of her errands at the castle all day, of course she hasn't forgotten about them.

"May the flower bring my love for them..."
After she sent the little prayer to the flower, she chose not to add any written message this time. On a peaceful day such as this, one beautiful Queen Anne's Lace would be a perfect message of Queen Anne's feelings.
King James would probably know exactly what she wants to say to him the moment he receives it.....

Title: Queen Anne's Messenger
Prints are available at my Etsy shop: http://euphorianchic.etsy.com/
Cards, prints are at http://www.euphorinachicgift.com/

Love, Yoshika